During this thorough and enjoyable 6-week evening course you will learn the main methods of hand building and be able to create a huge range of your own unique ceramic pieces such as decorative items for your home, dishes, planters, vases, sculptures and much more! You will learn the main methods of pottery hand building including, coiling, pinching and slab building, and a huge variety of decorating and glazing techniques. Perfect opportunity to make your Christmas presents!

The course is great for beginners and the more experienced and is a really friendly, sociable and supportive environment. Pieces can be fired to either Earthenware (low temperature firing) or Stoneware (high temperature firing) and you will be guided on how to use the relevant clay, material, and glaze for each type of ware. If you are joining the class as a more experienced student, you will be able to work on your own projects independently with guidance. For those that want to have an additional pottery wheel class added on to the course this is possible for £60.

Please contact us to organise a suitable wheel taster session. For those who would like to practise on the potter’s wheel in class you are also very welcome to do so if you have attended a wheel class prior.

6 Week Hand Building Course

£240 per person for 6 weeks

Start Date: 6/11/24 – Finish: 11/12/2024
Every Wednesday (7-9pm)

If you would like to start your pottery journey before this please check out our Flexible Summer Pottery Course – Clay with Carole

Please choose the number of people and course start date in the calendar below:

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